Our Structured Water Residential Products


Our residential products are designed to filter, activate, and structure your water in your home

At Living Springs our interest is in what you do to water after it has been purified. There is a difference between pure and quality water.

In Your Shower... The "PursaRain" Structured Water and filtration unit - This showerhead water purification and activation system is the most advanced and affordable single shower unit on the market. It attaches to your showerhead and removes chlorine, iron, mercury, hydrogen sulfide, lead, chromium, and other dissolved metals. In addition, it also helps inhibit bacteria, algae, and fungus growth. Showering with water activated and purified by the PursaRain Shower System will give you cleaner, healthier, and softer, hair and skin.



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Under The Sink... The "PursaClear" Water Treatment System. Enjoy great tasting Activated Hydrogen Structured Water from Living Springs. This state-of-the-art under sink system provides the most powerful contaminant removal system in the world with the ability to deal with the worst chemicals such as glyphosate and Uranium U238 while providing premium structured water for maximum "intra" cellular hydration and detoxifying as well as the more common contaminants such as chlorine, chloramine, heavy metals, pharmaceuticals, bacteria, fertilizers, pesticides, and hydrogen sulfide.


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In Your Home... The "PursaHome" - 25 / 40" Whole house Activated Hydrogen Structured Water System for under/over 3000 sq. ft. homes will provide pure living mountain spring water to every faucet and shower. Enjoy the amazing benefits of providing quality water to your entire family and home. Get the benefits of ultimate "intra" cellular hydration and living in mountain spring water. Will remove the more common contaminents such as chlorine, chloramine, heavy metals, bacteria, fertilizers, pesticides and hydrogen sulfide.

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Here is how our Residential Products work

Learn how to activate and structure the water in your home!





Our personal activated hydrogen structured water products are designed to give you optimum hydration on the go. Activate and invigorate any bottled, filtered, or tap water. With one of our three personal products, you can structure your water wherever you are by creating activated hydrogen and hydrogen rich, healthier, and more nourishing water - just the way nature intended.


Our commercial structured water products are designed to create a more powerful energized water, which removes even the hardest scale deposits. The PursaLex system produces a lower surface tension; there is less need for fertilizers, detergents or other chemical-cleansing agents. All commercial products are custom built to your needs; consult with us today to learn more!





What our customers have to say...

As a licensed Acupuncturist, I understand the importance of Mother Nature's most vital resource and I recommend Living Springs water to all of my patients.

Adam Deviro
Licensed Acupuncturist

Drinking Living Springs Water is one of many treatments keeping me cancer free. It helped balance my body's pH and raise my kidney functions.

Jared Bucey
Kid Against Chemo (Facebook)

I have been using the Living Springs Personal Products and recommend them to my friends and family after experiencing increased energy all around!

Kayt Pearl
Personal Products User

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Similar to what transpires in nature, Living Springs mineral ores activate the electrical charges of the hydrogen atom through resonate frequencies broadcast to water molecules. These resonating frequencies transmit at a particular wavelength and change the chemical structure - or bonds - of the water molecules. Our products are designed to bring you pure quality water with environmentally safe, cost effective solutions while protecting and nurturing our planet’s limited resource. We are a company that cares about our local and global community. We are a company that believes in equality and liberty. We believe that good quality water, food, and shelter are a basic human right.




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