Our Commercial Structured Water Products


Our commercial products are designed to energize and structure your water in your company wherever water is used.

The PursaDisk - These cutting edge units are charged with specific oscillation patterns to resolve different issues. There is a pattern specifically for reducing corrosion, another for the reduction and prevention of scaling, and a third for fouling and other microbiological problems. Each Ring is charged specifically to suit the problem you are faced with. A big advantage of using the PursaDisk is that it doesn't require adding any additional additives to the water. As a result, this means there is absolutely no change in the water's chemistry; therefore no additional treatments are required.


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The PursaLex - Structured water systems are the gold standard in creating quality water for industrial and agricultural uses. We create energized and activated water that brings positive benefits and a return on investment to your corporation or small business. Enjoy the benefits of more years out of your equipment with less maintenance, lower water and heating costs, and reduced chemical and fertilizer use. Reduces or removes hard water build up and bacteria on your machinery such as cooling towers and boilers. Anywhere water is used we can help lower costs and maintenance.


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Reverse Osmosis (RO) - Living Springs is a U.S. manufacturer of Advanced Water Purification Equipment. Our specialties include the design and fabrication of American Made reverse osmosis water purification systems for agriculture, brackish water, and seawater and are the most durable long lasting systems in the world. We make only the best membranes and carbon to bring you unmatched quality and performance to add to your water systems and integrate the highest quality components. Simply the best drinking water filtration systems in the world! Distributed globally for municipal, brackish, high purity, and seawater desalination applications.

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Watering each plant one drop at a time...




Our personal activated hydrogen structured water products are designed to give you optimum hydration on the go. Activate and invigorate any bottled, filtered, or tap water. With one of our three personal products, you can structure your water wherever you are by creating activated hydrogen and hydrogen rich, healthier, and more nourishing water - just the way nature intended.


Our residential structured water products are designed to create activated hydrogen structured water for your home. We offer 3 different tiers of in home systems stylized to accommodate any preference. In nature, mountain streams collect trace minerals and nutrients from the rocks, soil, and vegetation in its path. This process creates the energy needed to sustain the life in water





What our customers have to say...

Drinking Living Springs Water is one of many treatments keeping me cancer free. It helped balance my body's pH and raise my kidney functions.

Jared Bucey
Kid Against Chemo (Facebook)

As a licensed Acupuncturist, I understand the importance of Mother Nature's most vital resource and I recommend Living Springs water to all of my patients.

Adam Deviro
Licensed Acupuncturist

I have been using the Living Springs Personal Products and recommend them to my friends and family after experiencing increased energy all around!

Kayt Pearl
Personal Products User

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Similar to what transpires in nature, Living Springs mineral ores activate the electrical charges of the hydrogen atom through resonate frequencies broadcast to water molecules. These resonating frequencies transmit at a particular wavelength and change the chemical structure - or bonds - of the water molecules. Our products are designed to bring you pure quality water with environmentally safe, cost effective solutions while protecting and nurturing our planet’s limited resource. We are a company that cares about our local and global community. We are a company that believes in equality and liberty. We believe that good quality water, food, and shelter are a basic human right.




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