Better Water Absorption
Better Agriculture

Living Springs Activated Hydrogen Structured Water
improves the quality and quantity of your harvest

Crops need better water. With Living Springs Activated Structured Water, your crop's freshness is enhanced because the water retention of the plant is increased.

Living Springs Activated Water was used in a hydroponic Cascade system for strawberry plant propagation and for growing corn, soybean, and wheat plants from seed. It was concluded that the Activated Water had a positive effect on strawberry runner tip propagation and on soybean growth and bean production. The results on corn and wheat were inconclusive when grown within the parameters of a hydroponic system.

For example, eggplant yield increased nearly 18% per acre.




  • 18 to 120% - more biomass yield
  • Improves water solubility and reduces chemical and fertilizer usage by 25 to 75%
  • 15 to 25% - reduced cost of water
  • Stronger plant defense mechanisms
  • 100% Controllable nitrogen run-off
  • Balances water and soil pH
  • Improves soil conditions

Not all water is the same and at Living Springs we are interested in quality over purity. While purity is very important we believe quality is more important. Quality of water vs purity. How we define quality is by how water affects its environment. How does your water affect your plants and soil? Living Springs provides a return on investment for an affordable price.


Introducing our Resonating Mineral Ore Technology!

Revitalize your water!

Recharge your water and activate the hydrogen bond that should be there! Over the centuries, water has lost its integrity and the hydrogen bond has weakened due to the toxification of our environment and the closed anaerobic conditions found in municipal and residential piping.

By applying quantum physics and biochemistry and using all natural minerals, we are able to bring the life back into your water. Our resonating mineral ore activation pipe acts as a pristine riverbed that provides the entire realm of chemical and physical reactions that take place in a natural living spring.




Our personal products are designed to activate and invigorate any bottled, filtered, or tap water. Using one of our three personal products, you can activate your water on the go by creating hydrogen rich, healthier, and more nourishing water - just the way nature intended.


Our residential products are designed to create hydrogen rich structured water for your home. We offer 3 different tiers of in home systems stylized to accommodate any preference. In nature, mountain streams collect trace minerals and nutrients from the rocks, soil, and vegetation in its path. This process creates the energy needed to sustain the life in water.


Our commercial water activation products are designed to create a more powerful molecular structure, which removes even the hardest scale deposits such as calcium. Because of the greater surface tension of water produced by the PursaLex system, there is less need for detergents or other chemical cleansing agents. All commercial products are custom built to your needs, consult with us today to learn more!

Increased water absorption means increased plant yield





What our customers have to say...

As a licensed Acupuncturist, I understand the importance of mother natures most vital resource and I recommend Living Springs water to all of my patients.

Adam Deviro
Licensed Acupuncturist

Drinking Living Springs Water is one of many treatments keeping me cancer free. It helped balance my body's pH and raise my kidney functions.

Jared Bucey
Kid Against Chemo (Facebook)

I have been using the Living Springs Personal Products and recommend them to my friends and family after experiencing increased energy all around!

Kayt Pearl
Personal Products Customer

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Similar to what transpires in nature, Living Springs mineral ores activate the electrical charges of the hydrogen atom through resonate frequencies broadcast to water molecules. These resonating frequencies transmit at a particular wavelength and change the chemical structure - or bonds - of the water molecules. Our products are designed to bring you pure quality water with environmentally safe, cost effective solutions while protecting and nurturing our planet’s limited resource. We are a company that cares about our local and global community. We are a company that believes in equality and liberty. We believe that good quality water, food, and shelter are a basic human right.




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