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In the past couple decades we have been told that we need to create several different waters on the planet to do a multitude of things from cleaning to killing bacteria, but what happened to water that hydrates? Isn’t that what water is supposed to do? Hydrate us? At Living Springs we believe that there is only one water on the planet and that it is either healthy and health giving or it is unhealthy and doesn’t support proper health. Water that is healthy should be able to improve its environment. In essence, if one takes unhealthy water and makes it into healthy water, we should be able to show an improvement in the environment we put it in. Considering that there is only one water on the planet, it should be able to improve all environments that it is put in. The body is one environment, plants and soil are another environment, as well as cooling towers and boilers are all environments that water is used in. That being said... we also believe that water should be AS NATURE INTENDED. Water that comes from the earth, which flows down a pristine stream or spring, is in its perfect state.

Living and healthy. Unfortunately, most water sources on the planet are contaminated and dead, lacking vitality or energy, thus the water is not healthy. At the same time we also know that all water travels in the same hydrologic cycle traveling between air and earth as clouds, rain, and river. This water percolates into our underground water table where it is mixed into additional water sources. Let’s move on to a little deeper conversation about hydration and hydrogen. Hydrogen is the building block of the universe. It’s the fuel of the body and all living things. In water hydrogen must be active in order to hydrate the cell. What I mean by that is that the electron on hydrogen must be strong or have an active spin. This active electron is the energy that hydrogen uses to penetrate the cell wall and provide intracellular hydration. When this electron gets weak or doesn’t spin as well, the water molecule (hydrogen) is no longer able to hydrate the cells. Given that this is the electric potential or algorithm (energy) that the cell recognizes which allows the water molecule to penetrate the cell and hydrate at the intracellular level. This is the physics of water and intracellular hydration.

Living Springs has one interest and one interest only: To create pure and pristine water as nature intended using natural minerals and movements to produce water that hydrates at the intracellular level. This is what we are all looking for... water that hydrates, detoxifies, and works as an antioxidant. Improves organ functions, helps balance your body’s pH naturally thru hydration, gives you energy and gets things moving again in the body. Scientifically proven to hydrate... PUBLISHED! Remember... HYDRATION IS KING and it is “active hydrogen” that hydrates us, gives us energy, and rejuvenates the cell.


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Our personal products are designed to activate and invigorate any bottled, filtered, or tap water. Using our one of our three personal products, you can activate your water on the go by creating hydrogen rich, healthier, and more nourishing water - just the way nature intended.


Our residential products are designed to create hydrogen rich structured water for your home. We offer 3 different tiers of in-home systems stylized to accommodate any preference. In nature, mountain streams collect trace minerals and nutrients from the rocks, soil, and vegetation in its path. This process creates the energy needed to sustain the life in water.


Our commercial water activation products are designed to create a more powerful molecular structure, which removes even the hardest scale deposits such as calcium. Because of the greater surface tension of water produced by the PursaLex system, there is less need for detergents or other chemical cleansing agents. All commercial products are custom built to your needs, consult with us today to learn more!





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Drinking Living Springs Water is one of many treatments keeping me cancer free. It helped balance my body's pH and raise my kidney functions.

Jared Bucey
Kid Against Chemo (Facebook)

I have been using the Living Springs Personal Products and recommend them to my friends and family after experiencing increased energy all around!

Kayt Pearl
Personal Products User

As a licensed Acupuncturist, I understand the importance of Mother Nature's most vital resource and I recommend Living Springs water to all of my patients.

Adam Deviro
Licensed Acupuncturist

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Similar to what transpires in nature, Living Springs mineral ores activate the electrical charges of the hydrogen atom through resonate frequencies broadcast to water molecules. These resonating frequencies transmit at a particular wavelength and change the chemical structure - or bonds - of the water molecules. Our products are designed to bring you pure quality water with environmentally safe, cost effective solutions while protecting and nurturing our planet’s limited resource. We are a company that cares about our local and global community. We are a company that believes in equality and liberty. We believe that good quality water, food, and shelter are a basic human right.




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